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How to Enjoy Your Training Sessions – All of Them!

In the whirlwind of social media fitness feats, it’s easy to think every gym session should be a blockbuster – personal bests, heavy lifts, relentless intensity etc etc etc…

I’m here to tell you – not every workout should be a competition!

It’s vital to distinguish between “training” and “competing,” especially if you want to sustain your fitness journey alongside your daily responsibilities like work, family, friends, social responsibilities, and well… life.

The Purpose of Training

Training should be about sharpening your sword, not going into battle. It’s about gradual improvement, mastering technique, and building strength.

Save your competing for competitions or specific benchmarks – not your daily workout routine. This approach will help you prevent burnout and injury. It will also help your fitness regimen become a sustainable part of your life, not a disruptive one.

The Rule of Three

Understanding the rhythm of your workout experiences can be liberating.

After 15+ years of coaching, Ironman events, and fighting Muay Thai, I’ve seen more training sessions than most!

Below is My Rule of 3’s – a simple way to set realistic expectations for your sessions. On average, for every 3 training sessions you partake in, you will have one of the below session types:

The Amazing Session: Now and then, you’ll hit the gym feeling unstoppable! Everything clicks – the weights feel lighter, your energy levels are soaring, and you’re in a great mood. These are the days to push yourself, test your limits, and maybe even set a new PB. Enjoy and capitalize on these sessions; they are your reward for all the hard work. Note: These sessions can be predicted with proper programming (E.g. Peak Phases)

The Average Session: Most of your workouts will likely be average. You’re not firing on all cylinders, but you’re not dragging yourself through the mud either. These sessions are crucial; they make up the bulk of your training. It’s important to maintain your focus and keep moving with purpose. Work on your form, be consistent, and remember that not every day can be a record-setting day. These workouts add up and contribute significantly to your long-term progress.

The Off Day: Then there are those days when nothing feels right. Your body might be sore, your mind distracted, or you’re just not in the mood. It’s okay – everyone has these days. Instead of pushing through with gritted teeth, take this time to dial back the intensity. Focus on form, work on your technique, or perhaps engage in a lighter, recovery-oriented session. These days are perfect for reflection and recalibration.

Influences on Your Workout Quality

Your performance, on any given day, will be influenced by a myriad of factors:

  • What you ate recently
  • How well you slept last night
  • For females, where you are in your menstrual cycle
  • Workplace stress
  • Or just general life upheavals

Recognizing and respecting the impact of these factors is key to training intelligently.

Embracing Each Session

By embracing the type of session you’re capable of on any given day, you align your training with your body’s needs and your life’s demands. This balanced approach not only enhances your physical performance, it supports your well-being.

Remember, fitness is a journey, not a sprint. It’s not about always being the best in the gym but being the best for your body and your life.

Keep grinding, keep growing, and remember to train smart, not just hard. Let’s get back to basics and enjoy every part of the journey.

Until next time…

Take care but be risky,

Coach Tom xoxo

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