The way we look, move and feel is strongly connected to our ability to sleep well, de-stress and eat quality food. 

Our passion at Flow Performance is to help transform the way our clients look, move and feel.

We do this through.

  1. Transforming your Physique 
  2. Get you moving Without Pain
  3. Increasing your Performance (Strength, Conditioning and Mobility) 
  4. Creating a Safe Environment with likeminded individuals who are committed to long term change

Our purpose is to guide, educate and support you to a new mind & body

Why Do People Train At Flow Performance?




Build Lean Muscle





Semi Private Personal Training, without spending an arm or a leg. Squad training is the program of choice for 90% of our clients.

Many Group Training programs pack as many people as they can into a class which leaves a coach trying to coach 20+ people in an hour. You do the maths, that means you get 3 minutes of that coaches attention during the class.

At Flow Performance our classes have 6 -14 people per class to ensure coaches can provide you with the highest level of coaching and get you to your goals faster!

This means being able to train up to 6 times per week for less than the price of one 1:1 personal training session, but still receiving the high quality coaching & nutritional guidance that comes with Personal Training. 

What can you expect from Squad Training?

Increased Performance – All our clients, get stronger, leaner and fitter consistently. We use world class software to track your performance to show you how you are improving. 

Increased Strength – We use a combination of Olympic Lifting, Power Lifting & Functional Bodybuilding to build a lean athletic body. 

Improved Body Composition – Following our proven systems you’ll be torching stubborn unwanted body fat while building leaning muscle to ensure you feel confident & proud of the body you’ve created. 

Community – Environment breeds success. You’ll find that the gym isn’t just a gym, its a community of like-minded individuals who don’t judge but welcome others into the family and celebrate each others wins. 

Skill Development – We practice a combination of gymnastics and skill work to increase general strength, but also improve cognitive ability. It’s not unusual to go from not being able to do a pull up to doing strict muscle ups in a matter of months. 

Injury Prevention – We believe training should be performed for longevity and shouldn’t leave you injured and unable to enjoy life. We use structural mobility to improve your posture and range of motion to decrease your risk of injury while increasing your flexibility.

Aerobic Fitness – One of the main determinants of health is your cardiovascular health. We use structured conditioning to constantly increase your health markers and your ability to perform. 

Our purpose is to identify your goals and needs and provide you with tools and resources to achieve them in a friendly and positive environment.

We have the systems and support to ensure you are constantly achieving your goals and moving towards being a stronger, fitter and healthier human.



Unfortunately we do not do free trial classes, however you can purchase a 21 Day Training Experience for $59. This is a great chance to try the gym out for 21 days with no strings attached, if you love the gym (you will) you can hang around at the end of the 21 days. If not, no worries we won’t hold it against you.

There is no level of fitness required to join our Squad Training program. In every group you’ll find various levels of fitness throughout all the classes, because we only ever have a max of 14 clients in a class we are able to scale and modify training to meet the fitness level of the client so they get the desired stimulus. 

At the end of the day the coaches will go out of their way to help you feel comfortable and have the best possible experience. 

Definitely, one of the things you’ll notice straight away is that we modify a lot of the training program to suit the individuals orthopaedic profile. This ensures clients stay injury free and reach their goals faster.

We keep our groups small enough so we can give the client the individualised attention they deserve while also maintaining a vibe that hypes you up and keeps you coming back. There is never more than 14 people within a squad training session, this is the number we’ve found works best to ensure all the coaches can provide you with the best possible coaching experience. 

Totally up to you, we direct debit your membership either weekly, fortnightly or monthly. We can organise your membership to be on the same day each week, fortnight or month it’s up to you! Please have a chat to us if you’d like to set something different up and we will do our best to accommodate you.

You are able to put your membership on hold for up to 6 weeks if you are injured, going on holidays or busier than usual. You’ll need to fill out this form two weeks in advance of the hold period so we can process your membership pause. 

You’ll need to provide us with the dates of your membership pause and your membership will automatically restart at the end of the pause period. Click here to access the pause form.

We can put your membership on hold for a maximum of 6 weeks. Anything longer is considered a cancellation, this is carried out in accordance with out normal cancellation terms. Obviously, we want you to come back and would love to chat about renewing your membership at anytime. 

To cancel your membership with us you need to fill our our cancellation form on our website 4 weeks before you plan on leaving our gym. Once you have filled out this form, one of our team members will be in contact with you to organise your cancellation. Any cancelled members will be charged at our current rates at time of rejoining. 



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