Welcome to Flow Performance!

Flow Performance is a community of like-minded people, bound together through health and fitness. Our community creates a truly unique, semi-private fitness experience, that is incomparable. 

At Flow Performance, we are committed to transforming how you look, move, and feel. Through high-quality coaching and a “person” first approach to fitness, we create an unparalleled training experience. 

“I had more coaching in the first 15 minutes at Flow than at any other gym… ever!” – Chis P. 

Are you ready to challenge the way you see health and fitness?

Enquire below about our 6-Week Transformation Challenge!


We do this through a combination of:

  • Helping you drop stubborn body fat
  • Teaching you how to gain lean muscle
  • Empowering you with tried and tested lifestyle and nutrition habits 
  • Oh, and an AWESOME community that’s with you every step of the way!

Our mission at Flow is to empower our community with the confidence, tools, resources, and relationships that will in conjunction:

Transform how you look, move, and feel. 

Want to take the first step with a group of like-minded people and expert coaches?


Squad Training is our core, semi-private strength and conditioning program.

Our Squad Training program is designed by world-class coaches, with over 20 collective years of health and fitness experience.

Our Squad Training program has been tried and tested on over 2579 individuals (and counting…)! 

Squad Training has helped thousands of people, just like you:

  • Gain lean muscle
  • Drop stubborn body fat
  • Rediscover their confidence

The best part?

Training at Flow in our semi-private Squad Sessions ensures you reach your results faster than imagined – all while having fun and the support of a community behind you.

Want to know more? We would love to talk! Book a 10-minute discovery call below.


  • Maybe you’ve failed a fitness journey or 2 in the past.
  • Or, maybe you’re exercising hard and not seeing results.
  • Or, perhaps you’re ready to return to exercise under expert guidance.

If so, we’ve got you – Our 6-week Transformation Challenge has you covered.

How confident are we that our 6-Week Transformation Challenge will change how you look, move, and feel?

We are so confident that if you complete the Transformation Challenge and you’re not 100% satisfied for ANY reason – we will refund the cost. That’s our guarantee. 100% satisfaction, or free training and expert guidance for 6 weeks!

Built by expert coaches, delivered by the Flow Performance Online App to the palm of your hand, we make it easy for you to change how you look, move, and feel with:

  • Semi-Private Squad Training with world-class coaches
  • Personalised nutrition guidance with meal plans SO easy to follow and My Fitness Pal compatibility
  • Simple habit-tracking practices to accelerate fat loss and muscle gain

There are a few more inclusions, let’s chat about them.

Book your 10-minute discovery call below and find out when our next 6-Week Transformation Challenge is set to start, as places are always limited.

Try us out for $59 for 21 days!

Still not sure? We know you’ll love Flow Performance. But it’s ok if you still don’t know whether or not Flow Performance is the right gym for you. Because we understand that some people need more convincing we created our 21 Day Training Experience. 

21 days to try Flow Performance out and make sure that it’s the right fit for you. At the end of the 21 days if you love us (you will), hang around. If it’s not for you, no worries we won’t hold a grudge. Not every gym is created equal. Come and see why we’re a cut above the rest

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